Spousal Support / Alimony

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Spousal support, also known as alimony, is generally calculated in two phases, temporarily, at the beginning of the marital dissolution case using software known as DissoMaster, which calculates support based on earnings, expenses and a variety of other factors. At the time a case is finally resolved, either through settlement or trial, spousal support is determined by other factors, including the figures originally determined by the Dissomaster program. The spouse who receives an order of support, at the time of resolution, has a duty under California law to attempt to become self-supporting. Spousal support is “maximized” by the standard of living enjoyed by the parties during their marriage and it is limited by the ability of the spouse ordered to pay.

You need to have a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with support issues. These issues might include exceptions that occur with high earners, tax considerations, determination of the true gross cash flow, which is not necessarily the amount of income reflected on a tax return, examination of perquisites and other benefits that may increase entitlement to support. If necessary, Mr. Eisfelder will retain a family law forensic accountant, who specializes in family law accounting and, will assist us in determining the true amount of money earned and due to be paid.

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