Child Support

When the payment or nonpayment of child support becomes an issue of power rather than one of care, resentment can build which manifests itself in disputes over each parent’s rights, parent-child relationships and child visitation agreements.

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Child support guidelines are based on numerous factors, including the amount of time each parent spends caring for the child, as well as each parent’s income, the needs of the child and other issues. While the guidelines are specific, the calculation itself can be complex and lead to a range of results. Promoting both client interests and the interests of the children, Mr. Eisfelder combines a comprehensive understanding of California family law with a compassionate approach to client interaction that accounts for both legal and emotional components of the case. Mr. Eisfelder has substantial experience in the negotiation, mediation and litigation of support conflicts in courts throughout California.

California’s child support calculations and guidelines describe a statutory presumption that may control a particular case. Conflicts may result from disputes related to ambiguous or differing interpretations of the information offered by each party. Individuals with substantial income may be subject to the California high wage-earner exception, which allows support for the children of wealthy persons to be calculated outside state guidelines. Mr. Eisfelder has assisted high net worth individuals throughout Southern California in the negotiation of fair and reasonable child support agreements.

As in most issues related to family disputes, Mr. Eisfelder believes in the efficacy of negotiated or mediated agreements to keep disputes out of court, private and in the control of the parties involved. An agreement developed with the input of both parties can result in a better dynamic and help avoid costly litigation in the future. However, if court is the only avenue of resolution Mr. Eisfelder has extensive trial experience, and a record of success in these areas.

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