Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance Bad Faith

The attorneys at Robert W. Eisfelder PC focus our practice on cases of insurance bad faith, civil litigation and other areas. Insurance bad faith is where an insurance company has refused to pay benefits or taken other unreasonable actions in violation of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing contained in every insurance policy.

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Insurance Bad Faith Los Angeles

We buy insurance for security and peace of mind, but we need to know that it will be there for us when we need it. It is reasonable to expect insurance companies to investigate claims and only pay benefits to policyholders with covered losses and current policies. In fact, if you were a shareholder of an insurance company, you would be upset if they just paid out claims without taking steps to make sure the claims were valid. However, when an insurance company takes unreasonable measures with the motive of denying claims, it has likely crossed the line into bad faith, and such companies can and should be held liable for the damages their actions cause.

There are many ways in which an insurance company can act in bad faith, including the following:

• Denying that a valid claim is covered

• Only paying partial benefits

• Failure to defend a third-party claim

• Refusing to settle with a third party

• Failing to properly investigate a claim

• Undue delay in claims processing, even if benefits are eventually paid

• Offering an unreasonably low settlement amount

• Canceling or rescinding a policy in order to avoid paying on a claim

Insurance Bad Faith Newport Beach

Keep in mind that an insurance company can make the wrong decision and not be in bad faith. Proving bad faith means showing that the company’s practices were unreasonable in light of the customary course of business in the industry and also that the company’s motives were wrong. However, even if an insurer wrongly denies a claim in good faith, it may still be liable to the policyholder for breach of contract. In such a case, the policyholder should still be able to recover damages and receive the benefits promised by the policy.

At Robert W. Eisfelder PC, you will find a team of attorneys with over 70 years of combined legal experience, ready to take on the largest insurers and hold them accountable for their actions. You filed a claim because you needed your insurance policy to do what it is supposed to do; you didn’t pay all those premiums for nothing. If your insurance company is denying your claim or taking other actions in bad faith, contact Robert W. Eisfelder PC for effective representation from an experienced insurance lawyer.

Our insurance bad faith attorneys know the California Fair Claims Practices Act exceptionally well, and we understand how to counter allegations of insurance bad faith. We have handled litigation involving property, casualty and life insurance. We deal quickly and knowledgeably with disputes concerning rejected insurance claims. California has extensive regulations involving insurance fair claim practices and the settlement of disputes. Our attorneys offer in-depth knowledge and familiarity with the entire body of California insurance regulation, and we are fully prepared to represent insurance companies in Los Angeles insurance bad faith claims.

If an insurance company has wrongfully delayed or denied a claim, offered an insufficient settlement amount, dropped your coverage without reason or acted in any other improper manner, contact our insurance law attorneys. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and discuss your options in a free consultation. Our attorneys will meet with you at any time that is convenient for you.

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